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"Time to go save the world." "again."

Solid Snake is a minor character in Brawl in the Family.  Despite being a special ops agent and spy by trade, Snake is usually shown as being either flirtatious or silly, with the occasional professional moment. He is shown to have a rivalry with Olimar, but his motives as to why are unclear.

Character AppearancesEdit

088 - Buried Prize

104 - Cardboard Box

107 - Pikmin Abuse

142 - Snake in the Grass (Part 2)

143 - Snake in the Grass (Part 3)

144 - Snake in the Grass (Part 4)

145 - Snake in the Grass (Part 5)

197 - Stealth

227 - Brawl Party: Meta Knight

256 - Snake Snaps a Neck

277 - Health Hazard

393 - Spy vs. Guy

477 - B.Royale in the Family

486 - Snake Man

513 - Smash Voters: Ice Climbers

600 - One Final Song

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