Samus Aran is a major reoccurring character in Brawl in the Family, first appearing in 095 - Phendrana. She is a professional bounty hunter, and Captain Falcon's love interest.
Samus BiTf

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Samus first appeared in Metroid. She is a bounty hunter, mostly employed by the Galactic Federation. She was trained in combat from an early age by an advanced alien race known as the Chozo, who infused her with strands of their DNA to enhance her abilities. As a bounty hunter, she has engaged in various missions, including fighting the Space Pirates and driving the Metroids, a hostile species of alien life, to extinction.

History (BitF)Edit

Samus first appeared in 095 - Phendrana. She is mostly depicted as in her games, fighting aliens and performing bounty hunter missions. She started dating fellow bounty hunter Captain Falcon in Captain Falcon On a Date, and they appear to officially be a couple as of the Snake in the Grass arc.


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