Pit is a reocurring character in Brawl in the Family, starting with 117- How the King Stole Christmas (Part 4). Pit did not appear often in earlier comics, but in later years he starred in several comics of his own.

Brawl in the Family Character DescriptionEdit

Back from a 25-year hiatus, the energetic Pit makes a triumphant landing in Brawl in the Family. Youthful and adventurous, “Kid Icarus” is now a victim of the same sort of scrapes that other Brawlers have become privy to. And when he’s not taking advantage of opportunities for adventure and challenge–he does love testing that Intensity Cauldron–he spends his free time kicking back and shooting the breeze with Lady Palutena. He and the goddess have a mutual respect for each other, as well as a shared, goofy sense of humor.

List of Comics appeared inEdit

117 - How the King Stole Chistmas (Part 4)

190 - Where's Waluigi?

306 - Taking Flight

401 - Swingset

403 - Peach's Warning

410 - Your Money or Your Life

413 - Pit's Date

417 - Brawlers At Dinner

453 - Toothbrush

495 - Comic Review: E3 2013

500 - Prodigal Robot

504 - Fit Pit

517 - Rock or Roll

534 - It's a Plunderful Life (Part 2)

535 - It's a Plunderful Life (Part 3)

536 - It's a Plunderful Life (Part 4)

539 - Leak

577 - Afterlife

597 - Meet Me at Final Destination (Part 3)

598 - Meet Me at Final Destination (Part 4)