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Comic Strip is the 150th comic posted on Brawl in the Family. Adeleine draws several parodies of various comic strips with Nintendo characters.

Date: March 28, 2009

Number of frames: N/A, drawn a single large image.

Character AppearancesEdit


Title text: 150 - Comic Strip

(Adeleine is seen drawing something as Kirby watches. Closeup of the table shows five comic strips in various styles. The first is done in the style of Peanuts.

Daisy: (holding a football) Hurry up, you blockhead!

Luigi: Good grief!

(The second is done in the style of The Far Side. It is subtitled "Evidently, Paul didn't think much of the new neighbors.")

Paul: Yeah, it's my new floating hat! Try it on, Carl!

(The third, done in the style of For Better or For Worse.)

Zelda: It's time to go back to your childhood, Link. Your story will begin again! Looking back looks wonderful!

Navi: Where have I heard that before...?

(The fourth, done in the style of FoxTrot.)

Paula: Jeff, will you fire that rocket already!?

Jeff: (looking at set of equations) ...What?

(And the fifth and final one, done in the style of Garfield.)

Dedede: Kirby! Did you eat Odie?

Kirby: (thinking) Maaaaybe

(Cut back to Adeleine drawing.)

Adeleine: So do you think our lives would make a good comic strip?

Dedede: (walking away) Not a chance.

(In addition to the normal "", the strip is signed "Matthew Taranto". Above that, signatures beginning Charl, Gary, Jim, Bil, and Lyn are all started then crossed out.)

Fun FactsEdit


  • As stated above, the five comics in this strip are homages to the actual comics Peanuts, The Far Side, For Better or For Worse, FoxTrot, and Garfield.
    • As such, the beginnings of the names of the authors of each of the above comics are crossed out above Matthew's name in the bottom right corner of the comic.
  • The For Better or For Worse-styled comic is also a recreation of the ending of Ocarina of Time.


  • Matthew has credited comic strips like these as inspiration for creating Brawl in the Family, and this strip can be seen as a way of paying some sort of tribute to them.
  • A similar idea to this strip was used earlier in Gooey Kablooie, but with Calvin and Hobbes instead. Later, Cartoons would recycle the idea with cartoon characters instead.

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